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Lun-Yun Enterprise Co Ltd--Crimping tools, Cable Cutters, Cable Strippers, Battery Crimping Tools

- 2020/01/10 -
Lun-Yun Enterprise Co., Ltd. set up in 1979 in central Taiwan, sells electrician tools worldwide under its own “OPT” brand, boasting that it has become the first choice of buyers everywhere. The company produces a wide variety of hand tools including manual, hydraulic, and battery-powered crimpers, wire/cable cutters, strippers, electric hydraulic punches, hydraulic knockout punches, hydraulic engine pumps, and fish tapes, where 80% of which are exported to the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, and China.

The firm has a large R&D team, boasting reliable production, stringent quality control, and strong marketing capabilities that enable it to supply CE-approved electric and hydraulic tools, some of which are patented. The company is committed to providing on-time delivery, specialized technical support, and outstanding after-sales service. It helps maintain its position of leadership in the market by developing new products every year.

The new edition 18V Cordless Cable Cutter is built with tailored blades in high precision and labor-saving parts in design which can cut off copper and aluminum cable-related applications effortlessly. The blade width is up to 52mm and fits the outside diameter of most electrical cables. The product can cut up to 400 mm² (750 MCM-US standard) copper and 500 mm² (1000 MCM-US standard) aluminum cable. The cutter adopted professional OPT 4.0 Ah battery, compatible with most other batteries in the market through its additional adapter accessories. Lastly, it is suitable for aloft work due to its light weight.

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